I’m a multilingual linguist, literature lover, and cocktail-fiend and I’m obsessed with my basset hound x shar pei fur baby.

It's my job to take what authentically makes you unique and mix it up with some other ingredients to craft something intoxicating for your dream clients. You are one of a kind, and your brand and website should be too!

My Beautiful Bizarre Self

A Bit About me //

What makes you bizarre?

This Might Be A Bit Forward, But. . .

Le beau est toujours bizarre

Words I Live BY // Charles Baudelaire

"The beautiful is always bizarre"

In both respects, conquering the right combination of ingredients is essential for a successful outcome.

If you’re serving up your signature cocktail, you want people to buzz about it!

Well, the same goes for your brand and website!

Don’t let your website leave a bitter taste in your potential clients’ mouths. You want them to be eating it up! 

Crafting a brand, website, or digital marketing strategy is like mixing up a cocktail. Getting their mixology right is the key to success!

Like cocktails, cheapening your ingredients and failing to monitor their measurements is guaranteed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Well, here's the philosophy. . . 

What is Marketing Mixology?


la philosophie

Books & Booze


Elderflower French 75

Charles Baudelaire

SE Asia

My Fur Baby

The Important Stuff

Forever Inspired By

vintage Charm // EUROPE

Moody Vibes // Emeralds

Happy Hours // Mixology

poetic Words // LITERATURE

Mental Health // SELF CARE

my muses

Meet Annie

A bit
about me!

My FurBaby

I lived out every young midwestern girl’s dream when I packed up and moved out to California for college, site unseen. I got the job done and graduated in 3 years with a Bachelor’s degree  (developed by yours truly!) in Romance Literatures and Linguistics.


I ended up jumping right into the entrepreneurial tech space that is the Bay Area, working as a digital marketing consultant right after my first year of college. During this opportunity, I actually learned how to code a program to read and analyze books for me!

You read that right! A total book nerd creating code so she doesn’t have to read! Like… What?! What can I say, I’m the worst when I’m told I must read something. Plus, I love having data to back up my analyses.


From there, I never stop learning and exploring new techniques in all things marketing. 

Rising Action

In my journey, I’ve worked with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, and it didn’t take me long to see that almost all of them had some leveling up to do when it came to their website, whether that be they no website at all or cringed every time someone asked for the link. 

Turning Point

Everything just kept leading me back to brand and web design. Not only are your brand and website vital aspects of your marketing strategy, but for me, it’s my zone of genius.

Falling action

like very versatile!

trust me, you don't want that!

The Journey to Brand & Web Design

// The Unconventional Story of my life//

So, you want to hear the story about how I went from studying romance literature and linguistics (not talking spicy romance novels here, but romance languages like French and Italian) to becoming a badass brand and web designer?

I quickly realized that my love for languages, literature, and linguistics was actually very versatile. 

Now I work with badass creatives and entrepreneurs to bring their brands to life online.



Bailey Brew  // Special concoction

Hot-take here. I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks, but I do love my own little creation.  If you want try my very own Bailey Brew, just order a grande salted caramel cream cold brew, 1 pump vanilla, 3 pumps mocha, and extra salted caramel cream cold foam.

My Hype Up Playlist


I may spend a bit too long laying in bed in the morning, but not because I'm scrolling through Instagram. Nope, just enjoying some snuggles with my sleepy fur baby.

My Morning Routine

When I finally decide to roll out of bed, I usually do a quick exercise routine or a walk with the pup if she's up for it, enjoy a mango-spinach smoothie or iced mango green tea, and of course, some journaling and mediation.

Once my vibe and energy is all set, I start planning out my day, setting my priorities, and getting to work while listening to my hype-up playlist., and maybe performing a mini office concert along the way.

My Go-To Coffee Order

Coffee or Cocktails

Vitamins by Queen Herby

Just me? Cool.

Best Friend by Saweetie

Good 4 You by Olivia Rodrigo

Sade in the 90s by Queen Herby

Good as hell by Lizzo

Rumors by Lizzo

Spill the tea

don't make me choose!

are we besties yet?

And when they are, you:

I’ve spent years honing my skills and refining my brand and signature offering in order to serve creative badasses like you!

I’m sure you’ve done the same, spending years in your zone of genius. You probably have even crafted your own stand-out signature offer, but maybe you’re overwhelmed, struggling to sell and succeed like you know you can!

Sound like you? What entrepreneur hasn’t been there?

You shouldn’t feel like you're drowning. Nor should you want to drown yourself in booze… No more feeling stunted in growth, working with bottom-shelf clients, and simply wasting your time and energy trying to fill the gap your current website situation leaves you!

Let’s concoct a brand and website as intoxicating as you are!!

+ Increase your income in your sleep as your website sells for you!

Go grab your pick of poison and go apply for one of my business-boosting experiences!

Stop losing out on income, feeling like you're drowning, and smiling through clients that leave a bitter taste in your mouth!

+ Add value to your funnel

+ Save valuable time

+ Intoxicate your ideal clients

+ Showcase your offer

+ Amplify your authority and credibility

Your brand and website should be an extension of your beautifully bizarre self! 

Showcase your story!

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