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Crafting brands and websites that intoxicate top-shelf clients is kinda my thing. I make sure you have a website that effortlessly increase your impact and income so you can focus your time and energy on your zone of genius and make that dream of sippin’-on-champagne success a reality!

Founder // Designer // Strategist // Master of Marketing Mixology

I'm Bailey

As a self-proclaimed bookish badass and cocktail-fiend, you'll see a lot of books and booze around here. If you're a book and/or booze enthusiast too, join me for The Boozy Bookclub, my monthly meet-up for badass creatives and entrepreneurs to inspire and get inspired by books and more with some cocktails (or mocktails) along the way.

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Everyone's got their story. Want to hear mine? It's a bit unconventional to say the least...

I'll tell you all about the philosophy that drives Marketing Mixology, share my autobiography, and spill the tea on all things me! 

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I can't help myself! I love sharing my knowledge, insight, and experience! 

From blogs about entrepreneurship, branding, and web design to free download on the exact strategies I use with my paying clients, I've got loads to share!

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I'm a bit of a psycho when it comes to books. I love getting lost in a story, learning from practical knowledge and advise, and finding inspiration from just about anything I read, or sometimes listen to.

If you share a love of reading (or listening!) join me to share how your latest read inspired you!

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In both respects, conquering the right combination of ingredients is essential for a successful outcome.

If you’re serving up your signature cocktail, you want people to buzz about it!

Well, the same goes for your brand and website!

Don’t let your website leave a bitter taste in your potential clients’ mouths. You want them to be eating it up! 

Crafting a brand, website, or digital marketing strategy is like mixing up a cocktail. Getting their mixology right is the key to success!

Like cocktails, cheapening your ingredients and failing to monitor their measurements is guaranteed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Well, here's the philosophy. . . 

What is Marketing Mixology?


la philosophie

Join me and other bookish badasses for the Boozy Bookclub - a BYO Booze & Book virtual book club to connect with other creatives and entrepreneurs on a mission to master the art and science of marketing mixology and building badass businesses. Come and share a book, poem, podcast, or whatever else that's inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

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