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I don’t just design your brand and website. I concoct an irresistible brand and website that is an extension of you and connects with your dream clients so you can achieve that sippin’-on-champagne success!

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Le Menu

Better question: what makes me beautifully bizarre?

As a digital marketing expert, I understand exactly how your brand and website are only ingredients - albeit key ingredients - in your larger marketing strategy cocktail. You need clarity and cohesion, sure, but you also need to make the right impact on the right people while staying true to your authentic self. 

I do things a bit differently. 

my raison d'etre

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

Words to live by // Antoine de Saint-Exupéry // Le Petit Prince

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 


strategic storytelling

Brandcamp isn’t just about design; it’s about strategy!

On day one of Brandcamp, we start off with about an hour-long session where we talk all things you and your brand, beginning with your answers to a pretty extensive questionnaire you’ll need to fill out before we get started. 

We work together to identify the irresistible and authentic aspects of you and your business. Then I go off with all those ingredients we noted and craft your brand so you can intoxicate top-shelf clients.

By the end of Brandcamp, you’ll have a brand that feels authentic to you and speaks directly to your ideal clients. Your brand guidelines will include both design and strategy elements.

What can you expect?

What's Included?

Your brand is your first impression and your reputation, so make sure it          




Vision & Mission

Target Audience

Competitive Analysis

Positioning & UVP

Messaging & Attributes


Primary Logo Design

Secondary Logo


Brand Pattern

Color Palette

Typography Pairing Suite

Launch Manual & Graphics


VIP Website Experience

the total package

I get it! Crafting a unique and intoxicating website can be overwhelming! At the core of any digital marketing strategy is a badass, dream-client-converting website! Web design is definitely an art, but it’s also a science, just like mixology. 

In your VIP Website Experience, I guide you as you refine your brand, voice, and copy and support you in gathering all your other irresistible ingredients like your brand photography, legal documents, and more. Then, I get mixing, infusing it with your personality and serving up a signature website that’s as top-shelf as you and intoxicates your ideal clients.

What can you expect?

What's Included?


Copy Manual

Branding Manual

Brand Photographer Recommendations & Tips

Legal Checklist & Resources

SEO Best Practice Manual

Custom Web Design

Custom Tutorial Videos

Launch Checklist & Templates including Website Mockups

Voxer Support & Asynchronous Coaching and Feedback for Pre-Work


Let's craft a website as                       as you!


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